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WATERMAN SUP Paul-Conrad Delaere

The Saint Jacques family is made of passionate watermen for whom performance and style do not suffer from antagonism.

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Introduce yourself: Age, where did you grow, homespot?

My name is Delaere Paul-Conrad, I am 27 years old, I am a Masseur-Physiotherapist. I grew up on the Opal Coast near Le Touquet. I am currently living in Corsica where I set up my practice with my partner.

How did you discover paddle sup and what did you like?

I discovered SUP in 2005-2006 on a Surf magazine where Laird Hamilton was seen crossing the Channel in SUP. I immediately wanted to try, so I took an old windsurfer and kayak paddle and started like this. SUP was really non-existent in France at that time. During a journey in the Basque Country in August 2006, I found a SUP 12'1, my parents gave me a gift. For the record, it was the same board that Laird used when crossing the Channel, as I say that I keep it carefully and always surf when I go back to the North. The feeling of standing up in nature and confronting the elements is great. We can really do everything, walk, surf, races, river, ... Thanks to SUP, I directed a part of my life to physical preparation to always be effective and limit accidents. It also helps not to soften too fast!

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