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If you made it here, it is probably because you would like to know more about what we are doing, why we are doing it, or even discover more about who we are. Our mission at Saint Jacques : to offer a high-quality alternative to the actual standardised market of neoprene wetsuits. We will tell you more about it later.
First, meet Saint Jacques's founders: true passionates watermen in love with their mission.

Walter de Castro


walter de castro fondateur saint jacques wetsuits

Open-minded, jack-of-all-trades mastermind Frenchman behind the Saint Jacques Wetsuits project. He is a producer, designer, writer, composer, craftsman, dreamer and above all a mere player of his own existence. An existence filled with the sound of waves, the beauty of nice swells and a strong desire to pursue his passion for surfing that started when he was 12 years old. Surfing has since then shaped his life and now the time has come for his keen artistic eyes to shape our wetsuits with elegance and comfort.

Stan Bresson

stanislas bresson fondateur saint jacques wetsuits

 The azure blue eyes and sun-kissed hair man : Stan. He has been sailing with the wind and the waves since his earliest childhood. His almost-mystical dedication for kite surfing forces him to live near the sea where he has alternatively been working in innovative sports brands for nearly 20 years. Today on special mission as the executive soul of Saint Jacques he preaches a right to the difference. A long-term mission that requires dedication and unconditional commitment.  


Xavier Dorange

xavier dorange fondateur saint jacques wetsuits

Forever freelance and member of the collective Factoid, Xavier Dorange has provided his support and skills to the Saint Jacques project's from the beginning. Development of the brand universe, e-Commerce, video, Print ... He has all the technical and creative strings to his bow. Close friend and Surftrip pal, he is now involved in many more aspects of the adventure and participates in its evolution and development.



"The way we dress is also a way to express as individuals" - The Saint Jacques concept was born in 2016, based on this phylosophy. The idea was to create a new trend: the Wet-à-porter. Classic fashion trends such as: polo shirts, stripes, jackets and tank tops... We all like them, so why not  transposing them to neoprene wetsuits ? This was the crazy idea of our three passionates watermen.

In a standardised system, after years of only seeing black and neon colors on surfing spots, you can now stand out with a unique retro wetsuit, both elegant and technical. Because watermen are also allowed to dress and express themselves. 

All of our collections are thought and designed in France, near Montpellier. No detail is left aside to offer high-quality products: materials, patterns, and finishings. 

combinaison bio 2 saint jacques wetsuits neoprene ecologique 5/4 4/3

poncho surf cargo kaki moutarde saint jacques wetsuits

combinaison femme shorty victoire saint jacques wetsuits

lycra lines bleu homme saint jacques wetsuits manche longue



Saint Jacques is brand in continuous evolution since its creation. Each action taken answers 6 indispensable values for the team:

Iconic style

Aestheticism and a a will for elegance are the core identity of the seashell brand. The use of French fashion codes for a different yet timeless look.


Saint Jacques was born with the will to create various products, made to answer the needs and wished of everyone. Each product is adapted for (almost) any water activity.

High-end Quality

The constant search for new technical material is and will always be our true priority. Our team has accepted the mission to combine, quality, high-end materials, and an irresistible design. 


Being able to share and exchange with you on a daily basis is precious and essential. We know that we are here because of you, your support and your reviews. So please feel forever free to contact us.


The French start-up gathers true water lovers passionate about sharing knowledge between beginners and advanced enthusiasts. An essential key which helps the team to stay creative, innovative and to go further on a daily basis.


In a world where consumption is destroying our planet, Saint Jacques tries its best to have a better impact by taking actions such as: recycling neoprene, neoprene free wetsuits, etc. Learn more about our actions

We explain thos values with more details on our page "Our Values".




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Eager to know more ? Discover our full Saint Jacques range for Men and Women