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The Neocycling Project

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1 - Send your old wetsuit to Saint Jacques : 510 Avenue de Nîmes, 34670 Saint Brès. FRANCE

2 - Get your promotional code by e-mail.

3 - Apply it and get a 15% discount on your new neoprene piece.  

Discover the full process        

Surf, kitesurf, windsurf, wingsurf… All theses hobbys impact deeply our planet, however our passion depends directly on planet wellbeing.

Saint Jacques team has been aware since its creation of neoprene impact on the natural environment. We looked for a way to relocate the production of neoprene, in vain. Because raw material, and the only production machines in the world are all located in Asia. As a concession, we therefore centralize the maximum of steps in our premises in Montpellier. This goes from research and development, to design, to tests, via communication, after-sales service…

In fact, according to Saint Jacques, well-being at the office has always been an imperative. This is how, for the past 3 years, Saint Jacques has a reasoned growth thanks to a motivated team and focus on customers service.

We make sure to maximize our involvement in the social and circular economy by calling on local providers as much as possible.


Bodysurf handmade sustainable saint jacques waves

Jean Marc Sauvel wearing a Saint Jacques, Funder of ARMADA, recycled Handplanes for bodysurfing 

We encourage sustainable projects and action people like:

Solessa - Children against the plastic pollution of the oceans.

Armada handplanes and their resin recovery process.

Pierre et Vincent from Green Session

Neocombine who recycles wetsuits to give them a second life 


Environmental concern at Saint Jacques 

The boardsports world is an industry, with its good and bad aspects. One of the bad ones is, of course, the pollution generated by all the products that flood the web and shops around the world. Such a quantity, that resources of raw materials are in danger, and natural environment, in which we practice our passions, supports less and less damages of human activity.

Saint Jacques will therefore initiate, alongside local players, a major neoprene recycling campaign. Our action will focus on the end-of-life phase of neoprene material. Our goal: to transform unusable wetsuits into new products, in order to extend the lifespan of neoprene, and thus fight against the waste of raw materials.

And you can check out the result here !


Our sustainable project  


recycling process saint jacques wetsuits

The collecting process is only available in France for the moment.

Saint Jacques finally recycles neoprene! Thanks to a local Disabled people hiring center, we are adding our skills to those of social workers, to offer you a high quality locally recycled product.

This approach helps more than 70 workers to evolve in the professional environment and increase their social autonomy on a daily basis.

It is the same for the labels bearing our logo, they are manufactured by the company Label Française.
All these steps, handmade at less than 100km from our office !!
Our partner Label Française was chosen for its proximity, its expertise, and the listening skills of its manager.

Like what it is still possible to develop French products!

Label Française manufacturing our labels


Discover our recycling process on video

We also remind you that  Limestone we use to make our wetsuits is not coming from petrochemical industry. The energy impact due to Limestone extraction is almost equivalent to the impact of a petrochemical neoprene. However, it keeps much longer than a so-called "classic" wetsuits. Especially if you allow us to give it a second life!

More information on our blog post: Eco-friendly wetsuits: myth or reality?

Saint Jacques sees further.

The Wetsuits market has dozens of brands, hundreds of models, and thousands of different products. All this represents a considerable mass of waste, and whatever your combination, it can be recycled.

We do not just recycle our suits, we do not just recycle our wetsuits, we take charge of any wetsuits, whatever the brand it is.  

Do you also want to recycle your wetsuit?
Send it to our office :
Saint Jacques Wetsuits
510 Avenue de Nimes
34670 - Saint Brès 

What do you gain from it?

  • A world with less waste
  • More space in your garage
  • A personalized dedication on our website 
  • 15% discount on your next Saint Jacques Wetsuits (buy only if you need it)

Do you need more?

  • Make French artisans happy
  • Allow the social and professional integration of people with disabilities.
  • Be proud to participate to the Social and Solidarity Economy

You can be proud to participate in this project, just by reading this article and realizing that things are starting to change. So if you need to protect your computer (and thus extend its life)
Find our unique and responsible products by clicking here.


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  • Superbe initiative !

    Fifi on
  • Félicitations pour vos démarches ! Je n ai pas de combi mais j ai acheté la housse ordi il y a quelques mois je cherchais une housse robuste et originale . j aime le concept! Et elle est unique!

    Chris on
  • Heureux de porter des combinaisons Saint-Jacques, elles sont magnifiques et techniques. Le tout avec un engagement pour respecter notre planète ! Big up les gars 👌👏👍✌️😎

    Jordan Heurtaux on
  • Une excellente idée, défendre des causes sensibles tout en rendant service à notre communauté !

    Beau travail

    Timpano on

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