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How to choose the right neoprene wetsuit size ?

Not that easy to know the size you need ? You will find here advices from experts to choose correctly your wetsuit.


To stay warm


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Goal number 1, protect your body from cold ! The wetsuit keeps a thin film of water that stay warm thanks to your body temperature. With a fitted wetsuit, the thermic efficiency is optimal and the loss of heat reduced to minimal. We recommend that you opt for a fullsuit, ideal for protection from very low temperatures.

To be comfy

With a fitted wetsuit you will be comfortable and agile for hours. Perfect to stay a maximum of time into water. The wetsuit will act as a second skin without any rash or scratches, instead of an oversize wetsuit full of folds.

To save time

Threading and pulling out your wetsuit has to be easy! If the wetsuit is right sized and if you get used to it, you will earn time before and after every session. You also need to find the zip that fits the best to your morphology to make easier your manipulations. Check out our article comparing the front zip system to the back zip system to find out which one is right for you.

To enhance the lifetime of your wetsuit

If you use an undersized wetsuit you will force seams, enlarge the neoprene and reduce elasticity. If you don’t want to shorten its lifetime, you need to wear the perfect size. To discover our entire range of men's and women's wetsuits as well as the size guide specific to each model, click here.


Take it easy, we are able to say that it’s not a piece of cake for anyone. 100% of the time you will sweat into the fitting room !
It’s totally normal to feel oppressed when you try a dry wetsuit, even more with high grade of neoprene thickness. Water will loosen the material.
Don’t oversize : If you choose a wetsuit too large, folds will make it uncomfortable, irritating and thermic insulation will be compromised (water ingresses).
Don’t undersize : If you choose it too small, tensed neoprene will wear seams unusually fast. Result is the same; it could reduce efficiency of thermic protection.

Be careful, the most comfy wetsuit, easy to fit and to pull out, is maybe not the best one ! Watch out, if the wetsuit is too stretchy it impacts the warming and could ages really fast.


To buy a wetsuit online is becoming more and more common: easy to send, light and not fragile. It is also safer because you can easily send your product back if something is wrong.
To be sure to select the perfect size, take your measurements (chest, waist and weight) with a tape measure right on the skin, and have a look to our size chart.

Men :

Women :

Watch out : your size doesn’t fit exactly with the grid ? Priority to weight and chest.

If you have any question, it will be a pleasure for us to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us.
Once you chose your wetsuit, order it and receive it few days later.
Try it and contact us to send it back if the size doesn’t fit to you, it’s free.
Keep in mind that you need to wear it adjusted. Dry, it’s normal to feel a bit too squeezed; it will disappear as soon as you enter the water.

Boardshorts :


After few sessions, neoprene tends to get extended because of stretch components, you will never feel as squeezed as during the first session. That’s why it’s good to choose a wetsuit tightening reasonably, instead of one with folds.


The caring of your wetsuit is the key to extend its lifespan. It’s essential to keep some tricks in mind to preserve its elasticity :

- When you pull it out, don’t drag it on the floor, use a waterproof bag that is also useful to carry it.

- Rinse it with fresh water after every session, in and out generously (insist on the inside that is a real nest for micro organisms)

- Every 3/4 sessions, clean it with a special neoprene sanitizer, then, rinse abundantly
- Make it dry on a level ground like on a clothe rack (not on a hanger that damage it), and don’t let it under the sun because UV could deteriorate colours

- You can’t put it in the dryer, neither iron it.

- If you don’t use it for weeks, stock it lied on a flat surface to avoid the stretching of seams and create folds

Recycling of a neoprene wetsuit

Even high quality wetsuits suffer from the effects of time, seams and neoprene get worn down. The main part of wetsuits are made of by neoprene from petroleum products, or from limestone like ours products. Do you wonder if a neoprene wetsuit is sustainable ? Click here to check !
This material has to be recycled, instead of being thrown down in the trash. You can find below some solutions to upcycle it :

- If you made a hole or a tear inside, you can go to a shop to fix it. It also will be cheaper than to buy a new one.

- Send us your old wetsuit back to be recycled into a computer case ! This is the NEOCYCLE project. Plus you get 25% off for the purchase of a new wetsuit. Good for the planet, and good for your wallet ;)

If you are sensitive to our philosophy, discover our unique collection here.

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