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How to take care of your neoprene wetsuit ?

Your neoprene wetsuit is your best friend ! It will be on you side in each of your nautical session: surf, kitesurf, paddle, wing, windsurf…

We all like to have a outfit that suits the current season : a polyvalent wetsuit Convertible yamamoto neoprene or a neoprene top for the summer sessions.

combinaison neoprene yamamoto intégrale convertible cagoule homme 5/3 mm saint jacques wetsuits

 Caring of your neoprene wetsuit is key for its lifetime. It is essential to keep its elasticity and comfort.

Let us share with you our tips:


To make your neoprene wetsuit last, it is important to be gentle when putting it on but also when taking it off. KEEP COOL, do not rush, even if the spot is firing. Be carefull not to pull too much on the stitches, especially around the shoulders and ankles. 

When you take it off, don’t drag it on the floor or sand. You can also use adry bag to store it or for transport.

Pro tip: Use a cotton surf poncho to keep some intimacy when changing, and take your time ;)

Do not forget to rinse your wetsuit after each session with clear and cold water. The glue and limestone neoprene do not like the heat. 

Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly both the outside and inside of your wetsuit (a real nest for micro-organisms) in order to get rid of sand and salt. It is even better if you can let it soak in water bucket.


Depending on the frequency of your use, use a neoprene sanitizer to wash you wetsuit. Let it soak in clear water and rinse it thoroughly.

We advice you to wash your wetsuit in the washing machine when changing season. Use the delicate program and do not put a temperature above 30°C. Add a little bit of softener, and no spin drying.
This is an important care for your second skin, it will make it smell better and it will feel more comfortable afterwards.
If you would like a comparison,it is as if you were only washing your socks with a water hose and suddenly putting them in the washing machine, see the image ?

Warning! Do not put it in the drying machine

lisa wetsuit neoprene yamamoto women saint jacques wetsuits


The drying step is crucial to keep the quality and flexibility of your neoprene wetsuit.
Find the important steps to follow below:

-Make sure to dry both the inside and the outside

-Leave it to dry flat on a surface or folded into two on the belt part on a cord. Warning: do not put it on a hanger, or it will damage the shape of the shoulders.

-Do not leave it under direct sun or your wetsuit will loose some of its flexibility. UVs will also affect the color of the fabric part of the wetsuit.

-Do not use a drying machine or iron.

You can rinse your wetsuit directly on your spot thanks to the Godry Hanger : specially designed for an optimal hanging of your wetsuit, avoiding stretching or folding marks. Stick the two suction cups on your vehicle and rinse your wetsuit with clear water, easily.


When you do not use your wetsuits for a few weeks, store it flat on a surface to prevent folds. Always store it in a dry place and away from the sun.

For summer wintering, Stan presents his tip for keeping your wetsuit well in this youtube video:


-Urine is acid and damage wetsuits. If it does happen, rinse it thoroughly after your session, we even wrote an article on this subject!

-Do not let your wetsuit in a closed bag for too long

-Neoprene does not like chlorine, do not use it in your swimming pool! Actually, your swimming pool is not so keen on sand and salt either…

-Be carefull with the Velcro of your leash or harness, as it will damage the neoprene. If you have a back zip model, put the velcros back to where they need to be so that it won’t damage the jersey fabric.

All of those tips will help you care of your Saint Jacques wetsuits to make it last.


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