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To pee or not to pee ? – Wetsuits dilemma

As a practitioner of nautical activity, you all have had to face this urge. Few of them manage to hold back, or get out of the water to satisfy their needs! Especially when winter sessions are back. Caught in the cold, the rider's body tightens and an uncontrollable urge to urinate takes hold of you.

When it's neat to pee in your wetsuit

During your winter session, when it’s your wetsuit, and you’re safe from the waves. Indeed, the cold, plus the effort of the paddling makes you contract the lower abdomen. You might give up quickly in your session if you want to give the chance to your wetsuit to be rinsed by seawater.

Peeing in his wetsuit, whether in kitesurfing, stand up paddle or another aquatic discipline, does not pose any health problem. Urine is a sterile liquid. In addition, if you hold back too long, you can encourage the onset of infections. This would make the pee likely to irritate your skin or even cause you skin fungus. So it is better to drink water regularly, to drain your toxins and piss calmly from the start of the session.

When it's not fun to pee in your surf wetsuit

Surfers, be careful though, not all pees have the same impact. Pissing in your wetsuit may seem like a drop in the ocean. But do you remember during your first surf lesson, in this rope-worn wetsuit that has housed hundreds of beginners ... If we all peed in the rental suits, you can imagine the heads of the following? THEN WHEN WE RENT, WE TRY TO HOLD BACK MY FRIENDS !!!

To Piss in a wetsuit that your super girlfriend lent you for this unexpected session. You can be sure, she will be happy to find back her immaculate wetsuit, and she will lend it to you again if you need it. If there is a smell of pee, she’ll maybe take a little issue with it !

If you tend to forget your wetsuit in the trunk of your car. When you come back from your winter session, you ran into the closed beach showers, and damn it, you of course forgot your hot water bottle… A superb pissing wetsuit is therefore found at the back of your car, breathable in a plastic bag, and sometimes forgotten a little too long. You’ll see later that there’s better to do than invest in a magic tree.

When we have eaten certain foods! Already the smell of pee trapped in a wetsuit is not very pleasant. Imagine a post-asparagus pee, which would rise up to your torso when you go up to the peak. The dream…

When you're still on the beach, of course.

How to pee in your wetsuits and pull through like a boss?

There is a tip: maintenance !

Saint Jacques gives you all the tips to properly maintain your neoprene, and thus be forgiven for all the pee inflicted.

Rinsing: essential step!

Rinse your suit with cold fresh water after each session, the outside and especially the inside (it is a real micro-organism nest)

Every 3/4 sessions, wash your suit with a special neoprene disinfectant then rinse thoroughly
Dry your neoprene suit flat on your clothes rack (and not on a hanger, it spoils it) and avoid putting it in direct sunlight because UV bleaches the textile part of your suit. Favor open spaces. If there has been a pee, confined spaces must be prescribed.

Every trimester, put your neoprene suit in the washing machine. Yes, to the washing machine, but scrupulously respecting the following conditions:
  • Close the zips safely to prevent them from hitting the drum
  • Washing at a temperature under 40 °
  • Washing without detergent, only a little softener if you want.
  • Washing without spin!

Then take out your (wet) wetsuits from the drum, make it dry lying down on your clothes rack (and not on a hanger, it stretches it too much) and avoid putting it in full sun because UV bleaches the textile part of your suit.

You will tell me why it is written everywhere that it is prohibited? Quite simply because there are people who go a little bit too fast in work and by not respecting these strict instructions (washing temperature, no spin) damage their wetsuits.

But you are an adult now, right?
It cleans it deeply, keeps it elastic, and extends its lifespan.

Now you know everything about the pros and cons; so it’s up to you! But to choose if you’ll pee or not, first of all you need a wetsuits ! And guess what ? We are doing aesthetic and efficient wetsuits : check our collection (guaranteed without pee) on our site!

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