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Surf poncho, what's better after great sessions ?


Here we come with 2 brandnew 100% cotton towel ponchos. BLUE LINE AND VIANNEY !
In a style that complements all of the brand's ranges, the poncho is one of the essential pieces that your equipment may lack?
Being able to change in the parking lot without showing your buttocks or being completely naked under your poncho remains a challenge for many surfer, this surf poncho will allow you to meet it.
Our large hooded terry poncho slips on like a sweater and you can change easily or stroll around the spot. A comfort and a pleasure hardly imaginable ...


The 100% absorbent cotton composition (380g m2) will be an excellent ally against cold and water so that you can fully enjoy your after session without needing a towel and without catching a cold.
The inside is in terry cotton to absorb water quickly, the outside is in velvet cotton for an irreproachable quality.1 large kangaroo pocket or 2 pockets, depending on the model, allow you to store keys or phone. Or just to warm your hands.
Also add a large hood for optimal protection, you will feel like in a cocoon.

The finish is there with meticulous embroidery and new details. 


The surf poncho can also be used for all other water-related activities: kitesurfing, SUP, foiling, windsurfing, wakeboarding ...

Even out of the pool it will keep you warm and dry, and maybe even look stylish!

Our surf ponchos are mixed, be careful that your girlfriend does not borrow yours too often ;)

Our ponchos are in unique sizes:

• Adult size. 110 * 77 cm. From 1m65

• Junior size. 80 * 75 cm. 9 - 14 years old. Between 1m30 and 1m60
• Kids size. 60 * 55 cm. 5 - 8 years. Less than 1m30

Tip: Our poncho rolls up on itself and is held in this position by an elastic band, so it can be used as a small beach cushion or once opened as a beach towel.

Do you like our elegant and technical products?

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