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Surf poncho, what's better after great sessions ?

Any watersport addict aggrees on this accessorie when it comes to get changed: the surf poncho

Enough asking someone else to help us hide, enough to end up stuck in your car seat even after pushing it back, enough to hide under a towel that always slips.
Enjoy the discretion of your poncho and get changed without having to become a contortionist. 

Moreover, it keeps you warm, protects you from wind and rain, and allows you to comfortably pack up your gear before getting dressed. 

Restrooms and public toilets are often rare on spots and beaches, hence the need for a poncho, a real portable changing room. 

Mostly unisex, Saint Jacques has designed a feminine option for women, and also offers a kids and teens range, for the whole family. 


The surf ponchos are used worldwide by surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers and other watersports lovers, to stay dry and warm and to get changed easily in public places. It is the best to take your surf wetsuit off after your session.

Saint Jacques's ponchos are made from same fabric as the beach towels (100% organic cotton), and have a big hood, short sleeves, pockets and side openings to ease the changing process.

Those who have one knows it, the poncho is soon becoming essential, on the beach to get dressed, for the after session's beer, or even to chill at home or by the pool. 


The effort needed to get changed with a regular towel, compared to a surf poncho is not comparable. Anyone who has ever had its towel slipping down while changing will remember it forever. Put on your poncho like a sweater and keep your hands free to take your wetsuit off and to get changed. 

Our 100% velvet cotton ponchos are highly absorbent and are a real post session wind shelter. Moreover, the side openings on our Saint Jacques ponchos are making the chaning process a lot more easy as you don't have to pull the bottom of the poncho up. 


In order to choose effectively your surf poncho it is important to understand the important features to take in consideration:  


The 100% absorbent cotton composition (380g m2) will be your best ally against cold and water in order to fully enjoy your after session without needing a towel or catching a cold.

The inside is in sponge cotton, ideal for a quick water absorption, the outside is in velvet cotton for an flawless quality. You will not find better on the market ;)

1 large kangaroo pocket or 2 large pockets, depending on the model, to warm your hand or store your keys and phone.

A large lined hood for optimal protection, will make you feel like in a cocoon.

Meticulous finish with embroideries and unique details.


The choice of a surf poncho is as important as a good bath towel. An absorbent fabric, soft, durable and respectful for the skin. Not to forget that the use of the poncho will mainly be outside, hence the importance of of a fabric which cuts the wind and folds easily in order for it to not end up in a corner of our truck. Our Saint Jacques poncho has an elastic band inside made to hold it once rolled up and folded. Our tip: once rolled, it becomes a great cushion for a nap on the beach ;)  


As the poncho will be used to get changed, it has to be long and large enough in order for the changing process to be as easy as possible. Nothing worse than a poncho too tight. Make sure that you choose the right lenght compared to your size and keep in mind that a poncho is made to be oversized. Our juniors ponchos are perfects for adults of 1m65 and under. 


The hood is most often an essential of the surf poncho: it cuts wind and rain, hard to do without!

However, we have made the choice to replace it by a large and soft collar on our women cape poncho, used as a wind blocker scarf, and adding a real feminine side to this poncho  


Our ponchos Vianney, Blue line and Duo are also available for the younger ones, because there is no age to go into the water. Great excuse to match daddy or mummy's outfit!

• Adult size. 110 * 77 cm. From 1m65

• Junior size. 80 * 75 cm. 9 - 14 years old. Between 1m30 and 1m60
• Kids size. 60 * 55 cm. 5 - 8 years. Less than 1m30

You are now an expert in the choice of the best poncho for your sport practice, all you need now is to pick the right design and colors. Find our complete range of 100% cotton ponchos for the entire family

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