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Discover our new range of wetsuits dedicated to sea wading : RIVAGE. This fast-growing activity, which combines aquatic walking with nature discovery, has captivated many enthusiasts looking to recharge their batteries and commune with the sea.

Aware of the particular demands of this activity, we've paid meticulous attention to functionality and detail, with a particular focus on fit and ease of donning and doffing.

Each wetsuit is made from the finest materials and benefits from the latest technological advances.
You'll benefit from optimum thermal protection, unrivalled freedom of movement and exceptional durability.

Easy to put on double zip

It's not always easy to put on a neoprene wetsuit, especially on the beach where conditions are not always ideal.

But a wetsuit that's easy to put on is possible thanks to the double zip. On our Rivage full wetsuit, you'll find a zip at the front and back so you can open the top of your wetsuit completely and slip into it easily.

The length-optimised zips, combined with a wide, smooth neoprene flap, ensure an impeccable seal. Save precious time and spend your energy where it really counts: your passion.



Customised End Cutting (CCE)

We understand that everyone is unique. That's why our wetsuits and our Rivage set are equipped with the Customisable End Cut (CCE) system. Forget the hassle of standard sizes that don't match your body shape and take up to 6 cm off the ends.

We explain it all in the video below:


A customisable 2-piece set

Are you looking for modular clothing for lunging?
We've created an exclusive jacket and trouser set that adapts to the season and your body shape, and is easy to put on. You can adapt the size of the top and bottom according to your needs, slip on neoprene shorts when it's warmer, add a 2mm base layer under your jacket to get 5mm on your tummy in winter.




The double neck closure (front and back)

The double-closure collar is designed to prevent unpleasant draughts. On either side of the collar, a flap provides protection from the elements, keeping you comfortably warm even in cooler conditions. Available on double-zip full-body suits.


Our expertise in neoprene wetsuits for board sports since 2016 means you can benefit from the best technologies in the Rivage collection, dedicated to sea wading and water walking.

Limestone superstretch neoprene

This limestone-based neoprene is selected for its optimum all-round performance: suppleness / comfort / warmth / durability.
Every product in our Rivage range is designed with limestone neoprene.



Glued & blind seams (GBS) 

Neoprene panels are glued together, then the seams are blind stitched together with a nylon thread. The needle does not penetratethe neoprene completely. This is the best sewing technique to prevent water entering the wetsuit.

Available on double-zip integral wetsuits.

Strategic supports 

Thermal support patches are strategically placed for a better durability of your wetsuit.



Do you have a question about sizing?


Join the longe-côte movement with our Rivage collection and discover a remarkable aquatic experience. 


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