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Xavier Leroy synonymous with versatility !

The Saint Jacques family is made of passionate watermen for whom performance and style do not suffer from antagonism.

Xavier Leroy's picture:

Introduce yourself: Age, where did you grow, homespot ?

38 years old, home spots : anglet, les corsaires.

How did you discover surfing and what did you like ?

It's a family story, father and brother are surfers too.

At what point did you know that this passion will become more than a hobbie? What is your results ? Which riders have influenced or influence you?

At the age of 14, the surf business was full power, brands were looking for riders ... .. Junior France champ, 9th junior European championship. The whole Taylor Steele generation (Machado, shane Dorian, Kelly).

You also ride SUP and surf-foil? Where does this versatility come from ?

When I I was a child I bodyboard then longboard, the other boards came naturally. I think that having the right tools according to the conditions and not confined to a single practice makes you progress and always having fun.


Why surf-foil?

Why not

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