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CORONAVIRUS: Lockdown Surfers to do list !

Stay at home ! Instructions are clear and general. The situation is hard but we are thinking above all of the hospital staff who are on the front line of this coronavirus epidemic.

For the past few days, your favorite shop, like your favorite surf spot, has had to close its doors ... Until the situation improves.

For our part, the Saint Jacques team is in telework mode to prepare the future, and as much to tell you that there is going to be something new, with a big Recycling action, and the release of our new BLUE LINE collection that we presented a few months ago at ISPO MUNICH.

You can always get (what you want) Saint Jacques products on our website, we daily take care of the shipment of your orders. Postal services continue to operate.

You can imagine that our French start-up is being challenged in this context, and we are counting on you to help us get through this

Here are pictures of surfers, kiters, windsurfers ... locked down but still smiling !!! By the way, We are waiting for yours ! Send them on our Facebook page!

lockdown covid19 wetsuits boring

Thierry looting with Marius for its child education

lockdown covid19 wetsuits boring

Hell June practicing hard with its foil in Eliott (few left, check ou Sales)

lockdown covid19 wetsuits boring

Adrien homeworking hard on its trip planning (Stan quick dry)

lockdown covid19 wetsuits boring

Paul Alban don't quit anymore its LEON, even inside !

CORONAVIRUS: Why should surfers see the bright side?

Everything is not so bad. It even seems that this coronavirus is giving earth a second chance. By staying at home, we drastically reduce our trips, which considerably reduces our carbon footprint. Besides, the virus may save more lives than it threatens. When we know that 7 millions people die each year through the world due to air pollution. (source: WOH)

Animals are also recovering their rights. Venice’s canal see their water getting clearer, some dolphins venture into harbours and in Paris, birds’ sounds are again audible! We also observe the surges of solidarity to help the most vulnerable. Finally, maybe like me, in this period of confinement, the surfers start to look less at the weather sites and the webcams (I know, it's hard) to discover new activities and take the time, it’s precious !

CORONAVIRUS: Be ready for the post-corona surf session

For the moment, opportunities to go out are very limited. But let's not forget that every lockdown ends one day. Which rhymes with resumption of fun, surfing and all our favorite nautical activities!

stay at home covid19

First of all, you have to stay in shape, and for that, we advise you to follow the live tips of our coach Paul-Conrad who excels in Stand Up Paddle. He releases his gimmicks on Instagram stories, subscribe if you don’t want to sink with your surf at the next session ;)

To be sure to be ready for your next session, be sure to maintain your equipment and in particular your neoprene wetsuit.

For the occasion we will reveal a secret to you! It's time to put your neoprene suit in the washing machine. Yes, to the washing machine, but scrupulously respecting the following conditions:

  • Close the zips safely to prevent them from hitting the drum
  • Washing at a temperature under 40 °
  • Washing without detergent, only a little softener if you want.
  • Washing without spin!

Then take out your (wet) wetsuits from the drum, make it dry lying down on your clothes rack (and not on a hanger, it stretches it too much) and avoid putting it in full sun because UV bleaches the textile part of your suit

You will tell me why it is written everywhere that it is prohibited? Quite simply because there are people who go a little bit too fast in work and by not respecting these strict instructions (washing temperature, no spin) damage their wetsuits.

But you are an adult now, right?

It is even advisable to put your wetsuits on the machine every quarter approximately, of course, following the instructions to the letter. It cleans it deeply, keeps it elastic, and extends its lifespan. When you don’t use your wetsuit for a few weeks, store it lying down on a flat surface to avoid pulling on the seams and preventing wrinkles.

CORONAVIRUS: Watch all the iconic- surfers movies during your lockdown

This confinement due to coronavirus makes us all go around in circles. We are bored too. Now, the time has come to watch all iconic riding movies you missed.

Here is a list of classic cine-quiver

  • Point Break. Really, we don't teach you anything new ?

point break movie surf

lockdown covid19 surf movie list

lockdown covid19 surf movie list

lockdown covid19 surf movie list

lockdown covid19 surf movie list

  • Lords of Dogtown. This documentary focuses on the Californians Z-Boys, who revolutionized skateboarding in the 1970s

lockdown covid19 surf movie list

lockdown covid19 surf movie list

lockdown covid19 surf movie list

Please comment and share with the community your favourite riding movies!

CORONAVIRUS: Read and learn more about surf culture

This is an opportunity to read one more time these good old Stormrider surf guides! Or any magazine that has been hanging around your home for 10 years, just to laugh a little while seeing the "innovations of the era".

If you do not have these books, Fnac makes all of its e-books available free of charge on its website.

Take the time to discover eco-friendly alternatives, thanks to our two friends from The Green Session and their community. Sign in to their Newsletter, because it's always nice to learn !

You're lucky because you’ll have the time to learn more about us too:

Do you have any other reading to advise us? Comment at the bottom of the page to share with the community!

CORONAVIRUS: is the surfer a good handyman?

YouTube is your best friend, impossible to count the total Do It Yourself tutorial. The trend has settled in recent years: doing it yourself is attracting more and more fans!

Need to make your kitesurf board?

Or to build a surfboard rack?

and even… a WINGSURF !!!

The only stuff that remain hard, is the setting up of IKEA furnitures….

CORONAVIRUS: join web communities during your confinement

Check the complete website of Magic Sea Weed ! Tons of information for water addicts !

Discover the Codezero agency which offers excellent analysis on the sport of today and tomorrow

Kitesurf fan? Subscribe to the YouTube page of the famous One Launch Kiteboarding network by clicking here.

CORONAVIRUS: And all on a little musical background

The Saint Jacques Wetsuits team reveals their favorite webradios to you, the sound that plays continuously in our offices. Enjoy!


With its 8 webradios, all dedicated to a musical style, you will be delighted 24/7. You would be sure to listen to your beloved classics, like discovering all the nuggets! Small preferences for Categories: Groove, Reggae, World, Jazz! 1000% recommended

For oldschools purists, hip hop addicts and funky sound lovers, look no further: WeFunk is there for you!

You can also complete this wonder with a classic NOVA RADIO and its NOVA VINTAGE web radio.

Come on, don't worry, we're all in the same situation! If, despite our advice, you are still bored, come and have a look at our online shop!

Saint Jacques is always there to answer your questions. We look forward to your comments so that no one gets bored ;)

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  • Je viens de découvrir le Blog ! vraiment cool ! continuez comme ça :)

    Ferdi Humann on
  • AHHHH!
    Laver sa combi est donc possible. Tant mieux! Merci pour les tips en tout cas. Perso je profite du confinement pour me refaire une santé. Prêt pour la prochaine session Kite ou Surf! Stay Safe


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