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The Saint Jacques Scallop


Since prehistory, the Saint Jacques scallop has been used as religious symbols, as ornaments or such a currency.
The place Saint Jacques de Compostelle gave its name to the shell, because pilgrims used the scallop during their trip as a tool to beg, eat and drink.
You can find this mollusc in Europe, by the Mediterranean sea or the Atlantic ocean. They are concentrated on French and Spanish seasides. We fish them from october to April.
We celebrate Saint Jacques’ day the 25th of July


Since Antiquity, the Saint Jacques has been used to protect the populace from sorcery and diseases. Through legends like this one, the scallop became the attribut of the apostle Saint Jacques.
When pilgrims came back from Saint Jacques grave, they used to fix scallops to their cap to honor the apostle and to symbolise the end of their adventure.

You maybe already seen this kind of scallop in churchs used as stoups. Their shape naturally looks like a wave and keeps the holy water pure, loading it "positively". 

The harmonious shape of its shell is ruled by the Golden Ratio (ratio equal to 1.1618 that you can find in the nature, but also in mathematic laws, art, economy...). The geometrical form of the shell is qualified as a "golden shape" and caracterise the perfect balance between energies. This particulary strenghen all the virtues related to this shell.


This mollusc is one of the most famous and upscale seefood fine dish. The Saint Jacques scallop could be tasted raw or cooked. Raw, you can savour it in tartare, carpaccio, sashimi or ceviche. You more oftenly eat it cooked, pan fried, roasted or even poached. 

Its rare to find this quantity of B12 vitamin, selenium and minerals into one single food. A complete seafood product with a refined taste, used mostly during christmas time.


It was essential for us to find a name thats fits perfectly to our concept. 

The Saint Jacques scallop gathers 3 essential elements of our brand concept : 



- TOP RANGE PRODUCT, thats fits to our resistant and qualitative materials.

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  • Excellent choix… on doit être fier d’une marque FRANÇAISE qui développe des produits originales et qualitatifs…

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