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Let's talk about surf-foil

1 year after our first article about surf foil, we had to give you the rest of the story.
If you haven't read the beginning, skip this part to read further down from 10/07/2019. It is still up to date.

Frankly it's addicting, the technique improves the feeling and the glide becomes even purer. The pumping becomes easier and we start to connect the waves and that's awesome. 

We understand when it works and when it doesn't and we necessarily become more difficult. The wind and the current remain annoying elements, avoid hollow waves or big white foam.
Moreover, we went to the Wing for the windy days, we will talk about it soon in a future article.
We begin to discover unusual spots, at sea or in river, and to take up fun unusual challenges.

The motto is "do not confuse speed and haste".
At the beginning we tend to want to force too much to pump, so we do not control much, neither its balance nor its breath.
So take the time to feel how your wing flies, it seems to me that it is more a work of lightening that you have to succeed. The board should not oscillate a lot (nose pointing downwards then upwards) but rather up and down while remaining horizontal.
Obviously it burns thighs and it boosts cardio, force yourself to control your breath during pumping and recover as soon as you are on the swell. Pumping in apnea is very, very difficult, I speak knowingly, lol.

Honestly, the gear plays a lot in foil surfing. The problem is that it must accompany your progress, too bad.
Choose equipment adapted to your level to pass stages, but do not hesitate to update to pass caps. At the opposite y if you have too demanding gear, you will waste time and scare yourself.
Weight is a key factor, switching to a very light board has revolutionized my practice. The high-ratio wings offer top speed and glide, but you still have to master them.
For those who have depth, a long mast (+ 75cm) facilitates pumping in a foil surf.

Go enjoy yourself, pay attention to yourself and those around you. Surf foil is the best sport to get away from crowds.
Do not hesitate to ask your questions in comments or to let us know your progress.

ALOHA #loyaltothefoil


It's been a while since we wanted to talk about it!

You know that the Saint Jacques team is made from watermen and it is important for us to know about each water sport. It is so interesting to be able to adapt yourself to the sea and wind 's conditions so you can enjoy everysingle day in the water.

Foil is the most intriguing and controversial subject of the moment, but at the same time it seems avant garde on many points.

Stan will tell you his little experience in the field to help you out on this magic discipline that is the flying carpet, in paddle surfing.

Xavier Leroy

pics by :


So I do kitesurf and shortboard.
I manage kite foil, which is probably the hardest kite discipline but being able to handle the power and being pulled up by the kite still makes it easier.
In surf I manage take-off, something that is very important for my taste, I talk about it later.

Actually it's an interesting background to get into surf-foil: having the experience of flying and knowing how to get into a wave. Don't get me worng it is not mandatory, it helps, and I would say that the experience of surfing is the most useful.


I saw as many of you videos of Kai Lenny and Xavier Leroy fly like clouds, it seemed super light. Well the reality is that it's not super light, it's like you get an anvil under a shortboard. So to paddle and move, I immediately took a morale shot. Especially since I imagined that I was finally going to go further than my friends longboarders and other stand up paddle;)

I did things step by step : first in kite to get used to the board and its foil, then behind a boat by gradually releasing the rudder. And finally in the waves.

As much as the first two experiences was ok, as much the 3D surfing is another game. This is where you understand why it is essential to protect yourself (full suit, safety vest, gloves, helmet, boots) and ride in an open area with no one around.


So your shortboard friends will tell you, « Oh no, not you! It's not surfing and it's very dangerous ».

Your kite buddies will find that "awesome", and those who do nothing at all "extraordinary".

The reality is that surf-foil is first and foremost dangerous for oneself, and indeed potentially for others. On the other hand the foil is supposed to bring you on spots where there is nobody because you can enjoy swell that almost nobody goes in.

My rule is easy: if I can surf my shortboard, no way to go foiling, so for me it is not a complement but another practice. Moreover, when I find it small and soft in shortboard, if I take my surf-foil I do not see anything like that!


So as soon as you pick up the stuff it's actually heaven, you fly very fast. At my level, the smaller the better. Just have a foam that pushes you to get up and there you ride the swell, it's incredible. I am also trying to lose some surfing habits, especially that of always staying in the curl of the wave, there instead you look way furthest.

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So here we must hang on, everyone has an opinion on everything. As it is a young sport it evolves quickly. Between mast sizes, wing surfaces, prices, board lengths. I will let you have your opinion, or contact us to discuss more ;)

Just my personal experience, if you have an aluminum foil, always disassemble it after each session. Anodizing can block the screws very quickly and it is very disapointed !

On the subject is better foil SUP or paddle surfing? I do not do stand-up paddle so I could not help you. What is sure is that you can catch the swell with a sup-foil whereas I absolutely need a wave that breaks for me to take off. Bbut while in the air ,my board is smaller with more turning ability, and I have nothing in my hands!



So yes it's worth it, but you have to go step by step.

And the most important thing in all of this is the conditions. You must look for the swell, and especially nothing hollow. So search and discover new spots! Learn from experienced riders.

It will allow you to enjoy the ocean almost, no need to join the crowed line up anymore.



Do you like this article? Feel free to comment.

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  • Tout est dit ! Quand tu goutes au surf foil, tu regardes plus les spots de la même façon …

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