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surfer, musician, shaper & creator
From: Asturias, Spain - 21 years old


My dad is a veteran shaper from Brazil (Hiucif Rahim) and started doing surfboards in the late 60’s. So for me as his son, I started to surf when I was 5 years old and always was surrounded by surfboards, resin and blanks when I was a kid. But it wasn’t until I was 16 that I started learning how to fix surfboards and getting to know more about this art by my own curiosity in his factory.


As I mentioned before, my curiosity reaches different aspects, and one of them is music. I started playing drums when I was 11 going to classes, and eventually started playing guitar with my uncle around 13. Later on I recorded a couple songs by myself in my house, and in 2016 decided it was time to create a band, in which I sing and play guitar and is called CARISMA


After several years of competitions, from Local & National contests to European Pro Juniors and even a couple WQS trials, I really got tired of the pressure, egoism and competitive that the whole competition world offered me, so I decided to quit contests 3 years ago and just get to travel.

My goal in surfing is to get to travel to unusual places and get to know more about them. Not just about the waves, but all the people on the surf communities, the culture itself, not only worrying about catching waves.


Now a days (in the wetsuits industry) it feels everyone is trying so hard on calling the attention doing the most colourful wetsuit with the lightest material that doesn’t last or the best neoprene, an besides that, it also seems no one is interested on doing a simple, stylish and efficient wetsuit.

So basically what called my attention about St Jacques Wetsuits is the efficiency that the brand seems to care about, not having twenty different wetsuits models, or having the most modern materials on their products, and on top of that they look how I think they should look, just right!

- NEXT -

I’m currently filming for a board model for my dad’s surfboard brand, which is a round pin twin fin, and it actually is really fun to ride.

Besides that I’m also gonna start filming for a new biographical video, showing all the aspects I’m interested in(music, art, and of course, surfing).

Looking up later on the year I’m also planning a cultural/surf trip to Japan, so really excited about that.


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