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Edvan & Aurora. Brazilian pro windsurfer

Please introduce yourself

Hi, I'm Edvan, I'm 31 years old, I'm from Jericoacoara and Jericoacoara is my home spot. I get in to windsurf around 2004, thank to few brasilians and italians windsurfers training in Jericoacoara. Since the first time I saw this sport I knew it will be my sport for the rest of my life.

Hi, I'm Aurora, I'm 30 years old, I'm Italian and Edvan was my windsurf instructor while i was in Jericoacoara for tourism. The first time I tried windsurf I was 10 years old, in Puglia. Since that moment I I felt in love with the lifestyle that this sport provides. Jericoacoara is my home spot.

Are you more into wave riding or freestyle? What was your best results?

Both of us are completely in love with wave riding and jumping!

Edvan's best result was south american champion, few years ago.

Aurora's best result was in 2018, podium during the brasilian contest in Jericoacoara.

You live In Jeri, can you describe the riding conditions over there? You also have a windsurf center?

Yes, we live in Jeri from June till end of february. These are the best month for windsurfing. The wind starts blowing around 11 o'clock until the sunset. It's windy Every day, with strong wind condition and usually small waves. The waves can get bigger during the swell periods, but anyway it's an easy spot for waveriding and a really good spot for jumping.

Our center is called JERI250 WATER SPORTS CENTER, and all of you are welcomed to visit us!

You are new Saint Jacques ambassadors, can you tell us more about this brand and what attracted you?

Is an honor to be Saint Jacques ambassadors, the slogan of this brand could be: perfect mix of be sportive with elegance. All your products are beautiful!! The material of the wetsuits is brilliant, it's get dry really fast and most important is really comfortable, let us feel free to move properly.

You just participated to IWT Omaezaki Japan Cup, how was this event?

Omaezaki is a challenging spot, we arrived there few days befor the contest to become familiar with the spot, but was windy only one day, the day of the contest, this mean not enough time to know how to move better in the water, but was a good experience!

What is your next stops? Where we can follow you?

Edvan is in Chile right now waiting for wind and waves to compete, our next stop will be in Oregon, in June.

follow us in instagram:

Edvanbra250 (instagram e fb)

Aurora_thasall (instagram)

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