July 31, D-Day finally sounded, here is summer's holiday!

Your holidays are reserved with your favorite water sport (surfing, stand up paddle, kitesurf, wakeboard ...). It's time to renew your second skin but choosing a neoprene suit is not easy.

We will help you to choose the right neoprene top, don't worry.

Function of a neoprene top

A neoprene top is essential in summer. It protects you first of all from the sun. It avoids all the irritations notably of the wax in surf or the harness which rubs in kitesurf or windsurf. It brings warmth for morning or late sessions, and protects the wind.

Thickness for a neoprene top

The thickness of neoprene tops varies between 0.5 and 3mm. This is the main feature, it corresponds to the water temperature of your region, the air temp and the strength of the wind.

The thicker the neoprene, the warmer it will be, but it will be less flex.

Neoprene quality

The price differences you will notice come directly from the type of neoprene itself. Choose super stretch to have a flexible and comfortable product. Entry-level neoprenes tend to cause irritation and wrinkling.
We only use Limestone based super stretch neoprene, check out our TECHNOLOGY.

top néoprène été


Even if this feature is more important on full winter wetsuits, it is a key point. The flat-lock seams (goes through the neoprene) are more flexible. The sewn / glued seams (GBS) are more technical (they don't go through the neoprene): waterproof and very comfortable on the skin (no irritation).

What kind of neoprene top ?

Here again the choice is wide, choose according to your spot, sport and your preferences.

There are neoprene tank tops. What better way to paddle and move his arms free?

Marcel blue line

The short sleeve neoprene top is easy to put on. Choose the unique neoprene Paulo to stand out from the crowd.

The long sleeve neoprene top offers the best sun protection and the most heat.

Noé blue line

The long sleeve zip jacket is the ultimate piece in terms of modularity. The temperature goes up, you just have to open the zip to get a little freshness!

top néoprène été spencer

For which disciplines?

All neoprene tops work no matter the aquatic sport.
Tank models are popular with SUP practitioners for free paddling feeling.

With which bottom piece?

Choose a boardshort to come with your neoprene top. There is a loop at the bottom of the tops to connect the lace of the swimsuit and keep it in place when falling.

What style for a neoprene top?

The neoprene market is very standardized and select as on your textile clothing. Stop being all black like penguins in the water :) Stop boring colors, let's have fun. It's also a great way to differentiate yourself in the water.

top néoprène été noé

Size ?

A neoprene top as an full wetsuit must always be well adjusted. This results in fewer wrinkles and less water ingress.
Dry it is normal to feel it too tight, this discomfort disappears as soon as the suit is wet, the neoprene relaxes with time.
Check out our SIZE CHART.


Rinse your neoprene top with fresh water after each session. Drying in the shade without using a hanger. These tips are important because they increase the life of the product.

The difference between neoprene top and lycra?

A lycra does not bring heat and does not protect against the wind.
Choose a lycra only to protect yourself from the sun and friction.

lycra été


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