SJW - The neoprene outfitS for girls bored of surfing in thongs

The wind has come up, there are a few hours of the day left, and suddenly it's the perfect time to get in the water!

No hesitation, we just grab our favourite board... but when it comes to wetsuits, it's more complicated ...

And finally, more by default than by desire, we often end up in a neoprene wetsuit that we don’t like that much ... (or even worse, one that isn’t flattering at all !)

Because, let's face it ... the choice of neoprene clothing for female riders is seriously limited.

It's either the super skimpy cut (which clearly leaves our butts exposed to the whole world), or the shortie cut (super boyish), flowers, pastel, and more pastel, or nothing.

That's all. No other possibilities ...

Really ?

Here at Saint-Jacques Wetsuits, we asked ourselves about this lack of options and freedom of choice among women's neoprene wetsuits.

And was facing this "void" in the market that we decided to create and develop wetsuits for women. Especially made, thought out and designed to suit each and every women, with the perfect balance between comfort, performance, elegance, and femininity !

shorty woman surf skirt

the high demand of wetsuits FOR women 

It was just after the launch of the brand in 2016, (which was for men only at the time), that we noticed a great interest and received a huge number of requests about "creating wetsuits for women."

Of course, before we started this new adventure; creating, thinking and imagining the designs of this new collection, we did a little benchmark, and the result was quite surprising.

Only a few (almost nothing in fact) choices for women.

It’s virtually impossible to find anything other than the "shorty-boyish cut" the "combi- thongs cut", some super (too much ?) floral prints, or pastel colours in many shades.

It’s a bit of a pity when we know that board sports attract more and more women every year, and the fact that the number of women who try (and fall in love) with this kind of sport continues to grow !

But that doesn’t mean everyone wants to wear a tropical forest-like patterns or feel naked in the line-up in order to enjoy themselves as soon as the waves hit or the wind picks up.

Obviously, in the creative brains of SJW team, all of this informations, feedback, exchanges, desires, objectives and constraints, gave us some innovative ideas, totally in the state of mind of the brand and totally in the same continuity of what we started in the SJW Men's Collection : to offer new, elegant and quality alternatives in the neoprene clothing sector, to "rediscover the pleasure of dressing as you wish, and not just as you can!"

So, we’ve released an entire collection of female neoprene wetsuits and women's clothing, for any women who want to have the choice of wearing something that looks and feels right for them.


SJW Women's Neoprene Wetsuits

Because being able to express ourselves through the way we dress is one of the biggest values of Saint Jacques, we decided to offer new possibilities of cuts, shapes and styles to what already existed on the womens wetsuit market.

Yes! Sure! We wanted to offer more choices and more cuts, but over all of this we wanted to bring the pleasure of dressing as women want, by wearing clothes that flatter all body types, match with every mood and personal style.

So, inspired by other types of sports ( golf, tennis), and by iconic and timeless women's clothing, we’ve completely and meticulously thought over each of our wetsuits and our entire women's collection in this direction : creating other elegant, efficient and comfortable alternatives for women of every board sport (surfing, kitsurfing, windsurfing, sand up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, sailing, etc.)

From our Jeanne skirt wetsuit to our Victoire high waist wetsuit we are proud to present each of our Saint-Jacques Wetsuits Women's Collection pieces, the result of months of work, reflections and adjustments, to propose these unique outfits, for every desire, likes (and dislikes), that allow us to finally be as comfortable in the water as out of it !

shorty surf woman

-- Discover our women range now !

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