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Women take on waves and wind

Board sports have long been dominated by men, but over the years women have gained in visibility and recognition in this field. Surfing in particular, traditionally seen as a male-only sport, is seeing more and more women getting involved and excelling. At Saint Jacques Wetsuits, we believe in the importance of supporting and accompanying this evolution, which is why we offer a range of women's wetsuits designed specifically to meet the needs of the most demanding surfers and board sportswomen.


A story of emancipation

The history of surfing is closely linked to the emancipation of women. Initially, the sport was largely dominated by men, and women were often relegated to the background. Over time, however, things began to change. In the 1960s, with the advent of the feminist movement, more and more women began to take an interest in surfing and claim their place in the sport. Pioneers such as Margo Oberg and Lisa Andersen led the way, showing the world that women could be just as talented and passionate as men. From “companion” status, women are increasingly present as competitors, judges, teachers, photographers or in the board sports business... and, of course, practising enthusiasts!



Comfort and performance 

At Saint Jacques, we're proud to support women in their pursuit of board sports. Our wetsuits are designed with high quality materials and attention to detail to ensure optimal comfort in the water. Discover the top-of-the-range Japanese YAMAMOTO neoprene that equips our Lisa front zip wetsuit. Thanks to their ergonomic cut and flexibility, our women's water sports wetsuits offer total freedom of movement, allowing you to enjoy your surfing session or any other board sport to the full. Discover the details of our specific range for coastal longeering or water walking, with double-zip full wetsuits or high-waisted jacket + pant sets.


Versatility for all conditions

In addition to surfing, many other water sports are becoming increasingly popular with women. Paddleboarding, for example, has become extremely popular in recent years. Accessible to all levels of ability, paddleboarding offers a unique experience, combining physical exercise, relaxation and connection with nature. Similarly, kitesurfing and wing foiling are attracting more and more women, thanks to the adrenalin they provide and the sense of freedom they offer. These sports offer women the chance to push back their limits, gain self-confidence and feel strong and independent.



Why are these sports so popular?

There are several reasons why women are becoming increasingly keen on water sports. First and foremost, these activities offer a welcome escape from the stresses of everyday life. There's nothing like a surf or paddle session to clear the mind, reconnect with nature and feel revitalized. What's more, these sports are accessible to all levels of practice, making them attractive to beginners and experts alike. Finally, they offer an incomparable sense of freedom and independence, enabling women to feel strong and confident in an environment often dominated by men.


Style and feminity 

At Saint Jacques, we believe that style is as important as performance. That's why we offer a range of women's wetsuits designed to combine style and functionality. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look or something more daring and modern, we've got the perfect model for you! What's more, all our wetsuits are available in a range of sizes and cuts to suit all body shapes, guaranteeing you a perfect fit and a flattering silhouette.



We've created wetsuits for those who are tired of surfing in thongs, can't find the right wetsuit for their body shape or don't like the look. Discover wetsuits that are both technical and elegant.


Join the Saint Jacques community

When you choose Saint Jacques Wetsuits, you join a passionate community of women who share your love of board sports. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we're here to accompany you on your adventure and help you push your limits. Join us today and discover the ultimate board sports experience. 


Discover the opinions of Saint Jacques ambassadors. Of all ages and from all walks of life, they agreed to share their views on the position of women in the world of board sports.

Lydie Toche Soule
- Surf in France

"The woman, both gentle and angry, represents the different moods of the ocean, which can be calm or raging.

The connection between woman and ocean is both mysterious and powerful.
The element WATER inspires women to show their grace and self-confidence, it's a source of energy for the damsels of the ocean.”

Sofia Marchetti - Wingfoil in Italy

 "Hi, I'm Sofia Marchetti and I'm happy to be part of the Saint Jacques theme. A great company that supports international athletes with their super comfortable and efficient wetsuits. 

We are more and more women in the world of sport, especially in sports that were once purely male. I'm happy that there are more and more women in my world too (Wingfoil world). Wing Foil is a very physical and tiring sport but as we can see there are more and more women who try their hand at this fantastic sport and sometimes we also give good lessons to men who don't believe in us. 

Come on girls, let's continue like this!"

Kenza Gaulthier - Kitesurf in Britain

"The place of women in water sports? From my point of view, and from what I've been able to observe, there are more and more girls on the spots year after year.

Whether it's surfing, kitesurfing, wingfoiling or anything else, women are present even in complex conditions and freezing temperatures (it's a good thing Saint Jacques is there, by the way :)). I've also noticed that the equipment, such as harnesses and wetsuits, is well developed. I've never had any difficulty in finding an item adapted to a woman's morphology.

As far as progress and the tricks you can see in competition are concerned, I admit that women are slightly behind, but I'm convinced that over the years, the level will even out. In any case, we have some great competitors who are very committed to their sport. We need to keep it that way, and I'd like to give my full support to the women!"

Marion Mattia - Wingfoil in Montpellier, south of France

"Hello, my name's Marion, I'm a Wingfoil ambassador for Saint Jacques, but I also surf and teach sailing.

We're seeing more and more women and young girls on the water and that's a real pleasure! It's such a great feeling to get out on the water that I'd really like to share it with everyone.
I know that 100% women's actions are developing all over France in sailing clubs and certainly in surfing too. It's really cool, it encourages some to take the plunge and others to rediscover themselves, it's really great."

Manon Degli - Wingfoil/surf in Cannes

"Hello, I'm Manon, a Wingfoil, surf, wake and water-ski enthusiast and the new Saint Jacques ambassador. I've been passionate about board sports since I was a child. I quickly realised how crazy it could be and I made it my job ;)! There were very few girls in the water on my home spots, and over the last few years it's been a real pleasure to see that attitudes to water sports are changing. More and more women are daring to get into the water and it's really great to see this great female energy. It's great to see the diversity that's emerging and the mutual support between men and women. Come on, girls, give it a go, you'll see it's beautiful, it's fun and it's enjoyable. You can do it!"

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