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Electricity makes its way into water sports

After having tested various board sports, we'd like to talk to you today about some new expanding practices.

Board sports are constantly evolving, offering exciting new opportunities for adventure lovers. Whether you're into surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding or more alternative board sports, there's a multitude of disciplines to satisfy your adrenalin thirst. Following in the footsteps of many other fields, it's now boating that's benefiting from electric innovations. Discover unique board sports and let yourself be inspired by the sensations they provide.

E-foil - The magic of electric foil

e-foil awake boards combinaison neoprene saint jacques wetsuits

E-foil is a discipline that combines foiling and electric technology. With a board equipped with an hydrofoil and an electric motor, you can surf above the water while gliding smoothly. This effortless gliding experience offers unique sensations of weightlessness, combining speed, stability and freedom. The e-foil is an activity accessible to all, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of gliding in complete simplicity, with no need for special weather conditions. 

Electric surf - A new way of riding

e-foil awake boards combinaison neoprene saint jacques wetsuits

Electric surfing represents an exciting innovation in the world of water sports. With its electric propulsion, it offers numerous advantages for surfers and the environment alike. Unlike wakeboards, for example, it features a silent electric battery. Electric surfing lets you enjoy sessions at all levels without worrying about weather conditions, and above all without disturbing the peace and quiet of the ocean.

efoil surf électrique awake boards saint jacques wetsuits

Our ambassadors were able to test and approve these two new practices: e-foil and electric surfing, in collaboration with the Awake boards brand. Aymeric and Apo enjoyed the unique sensations offered by these new products in Corsica Island. The distinctive features of the Awake brand are the light weight of their boards and the rapid charging of their batteries. Innovation is at the heart of the brand's development, so that you can enjoy the thrill of the ride. The whole team was equipped with our summer collection to make the most of their day.



L’ Etow - A new era

etow - sport nautique électrique - saint jacques wetsuits takuma

The E-TOW, a Takuma innovation, revolutionizes the world of water sports by offering electric water traction. This technology offers riders endless freedom and complete autonomy. Water sports enthusiasts can now spend more time on the water, without worrying about the day's weather conditions. E-TOW opens up new horizons, enabling riders to push their own limits and enjoy unique experiences.

Electric SUP - A relaxing activity

paddle électrique coasto saint jacques wetsuits

Finally, last summer saw the development of electric stand-up paddles. This simple, reassuring model is equipped with handlebars and a throttle trigger to control speed. Whether you're looking for a relaxing excursion along an exotic coastline or an adventure across rivers, electric paddling offers an experience combining discovery, relaxation and connection with the surrounding nature. 

These advances offer surfers the chance to explore new spots and broaden their horizons, while respecting the marine environment. Each of the disciplines listed below allows beginners to enjoy the thrill of surfing in complete safety, and to enjoy a session without worrying about weather conditions.

Alternative board sports offer exciting new ways to enjoy the water and push the limits of adrenalin. Whether you choose e-foil or electric surfing, these unique practices promise unforgettable sensations and experiences. If you're a fan of new things and nature, immerse yourself in the world of these board sports, while equipping yourself with a technical wetsuit that will enable you to get the most out of your activity.

collection ete homme femme saint jacques wetsuits efoil surf electrique awake boards


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