How to choose your SUP outfit according to the season ?

Stand Up Paddle is a very accessible nautical activity, you can practice it almost everywhere, at any age and in any season. It's fun, sporty, friendly... impossible not to be tempted by the idea of sliding on the water!

Obviously the first question that arises will be the choice of your equipment, but will come very quickly the choice of your outfit, which is obviously not the same according to the seasons.

Choose your SUP outfit for spring:

The weather is mild, the temperatures rise, the good resolutions of beginning
year are still here and you really want to stand up paddle.

If the weather seems hot for you, think that the water will be much less. That it is at sea, pond or river (the heated pools do not count). It’s essential to protect oneself from cold water but also from of the sun!

The perfect combo will be the shortjohn and the neoprene jacket that you can remove whenever you want without being shirtless underneath.


Choose your SUP outfit for the summer:

The summer season is here and its heat are installed. The idea of taking the sea air while doing a bit of sport, you will be delighted. We understand it, what more pleasant than paying over the water?

This is the moment when the swimsuit or boardshort is essential. It is light and nice to wear. Only the sun is watching and sunscreen is rarely sufficient for swimming or long walks. Even if we really want to take the opportunity to refine your tan. We strongly advise you to wear a Lycra t-shirt, prevention is better than cure.


Choose your SUP outfit for fall:

It does not matter if the temperatures go down, the stand up paddle took you there

taste, a good way to decompress and get closer to nature after your days of work.

For the outfit, we choose the neoprene Longjohn wetsuit. Water is refreshes but the sun still makes us the honor of its presence and the heat could surprise you. For days when it's warmer, complete with the neoprene jacket Spencer.


Choose your SUP outfit for the winter:

The cold season is here but you have not lost your taste for skiing as much and nothing or almost nothing will stop you (and then anyway you are so trained that you do not even fall in the water is not it?).

Even if we blindly trust his stability and paddling, he is better in winter to opt for the full neoprene wetsuit for your SUP outings!


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