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How do you choose your mid-season wetsuit?

Transitional periods, such as spring and autumn, are crucial for board sports. These are times when the weather conditions become ideal  for aquatic activities and you need the right neoprene wetsuit. With the temperatures rising and the days getting longer in spring, and the new lows of autumn after a calm summer, it's essential to choose the right piece. So, which wetsuit is perfect for this mid-season?? 


The long sleeves shorty 

The long-sleeved shorty is a popular choice among surfers. Easy to put on thanks to their short legs, they offer excellent thermal protection with their long sleeves. The Clovis model from Saint Jacques is a top-of-the-range example. With a thickness of 3mm on the body for warmth and 2mm on the arms for flexibility, this suit is equipped with a chest zip entry system offering excellent waterproofness. Stitched seams bonded and braided on the inside prevent any water from getting in.

Short-sleeved integral

For wind sports, the short-sleeved integral is ideal. It combines long legs and short sleeves, with reinforcements at the knees to make transitions on the board easier, as in wing foil. This Saint Jacques Wetsuits model uses a back zip entry system for easy donning, and flat lock seams to prevent chafing. In 3/2mm thickness, this wetsuit is perfect for cool mornings, windy summer days, and half-seasons depending on your location.

The long john

The long-john, a retro-style sleeveless wetsuit, is very popular with longboarders, stand-up paddleboarders and oldschool surfers. Offering ease of paddling and excellent thermal insulation, this wetsuit covers almost the entire body. Reworked with a front zip fastening system and high collar, it's easy to put on and offers excellent waterproofing. Made from 3mm limestone-based neoprene with taped seams, this unique wetsuit is a real "cocorico"!


The short-sleeved shorty

The short-sleeved shorty is a versatile and practical mid-season option, offering great freedom of movement ideal for surfing, kiting or paddling. Saint Jacques offers a model with a back zip, making it easy to put on thanks to a wide opening. Designed with flat lock seams, this shorty minimises rubbing and prevents chafing even during long sessions. With a thickness of 2/2mm, this shorty offers sufficient thermal protection for mid-season conditions, while ensuring great flexibility. What's more, it's the most affordable piece in our range, offering the best comfort for the money. Whether it's for chilly mornings or sunny days with a light breeze, this short-sleeved shorty is an ideal choice for staying comfortable and performing well in the water, without breaking the bank.


Choosing the right neoprene wetsuit for mid-season is essential if you want to get the most out of your surf, windsurf, kite and other water sports sessions. Discover our full range at Saint Jacques Wetsuits and find the wetsuit that suits you best.


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