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Spring is showing up, days are starting to be longer and temperatures warmer.

Even if it is not completely established, it will soon be time to pack hoods, gloves and boots.

For this time of the year, the neoprene fullsuit in 3/2mm is often the most adapted and will be the best transition for the summer.

It is the must have thickness in surfer wardrobe as it allow to ride through spring and autumn, and even summer in some regions. Like in the early morning sessions in the South West of France, the windy ones on the Mediterranean coast and very often in the North :)

We use a 3/2mm for water temperatures from 15 to 23°C.

The 3mm thickness on the torso and 2mm on the arms is very comfortable as it is easy to put on and allows a great range of movements. Wether it it for surfing, kitesurfing, wingfoiling, windsurfing or swimming, it is the wetsuit to have!

As there is a large choice of options for those famous mid season wetsuits, we are helping you to understand better our Saint Jacques range in order to chose the right model adapted to your needs.

As a reminder, here are the important criterias to take in consideration on a wetsuit: neoprene quality, seams type, taped seams, inside lining and finishes.

Read the blog article on the technical criterias of a wetsuit.

Stan 3/2 chest zip in Yamamoto neoprene 

Find here the most technical and high-end model.

This wetsuit is incredibly comfortable, light, warm and durable.

The closed cells process of the Yamamoto neoprene is what makes it extremely durable while remaining flexible. This neoprene absorbs only 2% of its water weight (waterproof at 98% against 70% for a neoprene made of petrol) which keep the wetsuit light even when wet. Your wetsuit acts like a second skin and will allow a great range of motion.

The hydrophobic properties of the Yamamoto neoprene will keep you warm.

Also known for reducing allergies risks compare to other neoprene, it is more respectful of the skin.

A unique design with its elegant marine stripes.
Using the deep sublimation process, the stripes patterns are printed into the fabric, ensuring a good resistance to the practice of surf, kitesurf, SUP or sailing for instance.

Our new pattern offers a natural and comfortable fit, making it feel like a second skin!

The flatlock seams and quick-dry lining will keep you warm and ready to increase your sessions.

Our exclusive ankle compression finish and draining holes are made to evacuate the water without adding a velcro on your ankles.


Clovis 3/2 chest zip

The Clovis fullsuit for men has become a flagship model at Saint Jacques.


A resolutely sober and classic look remaining unique with its new colors, an elastic ribbon on the chest and a printed mark on the wrist.

We are constantly working on our pattern in order to offer a natural and comfortable fit, making it feel like a second skin!

On the technical side, it meets all criterias, the limestone superstretch neoprene offers a great range of movements. This version in chest zip is easy to put on and do not miss any detail: YKK zip and glide skin collar.

Developped and tested for all watersports such as surf, kitesurf, windsurf or even SUP.

The flatlock seams and quick-dry lining will keep you warm and ready to increase your sessions.


Clovis 3/2 back zip

This model is equivalent to the precedent one but with a closing system on the back.

For all fans of "easy fitting", 80's / 90's retro lovers or beefy men struggling with Front Zip, here is THE Solution: the "Clovis" Back Zip fullsuit.

A sober "Blue line" look with its embroidered badge on the plexus and its wrist print, this robust and technical model is suitable for all types of body.

In supertstrech Limestone neoprene, and thermal lining going from the collar to the knees all in glued stitched GBS assembly, YKK zip, hyper flex knee reinforcements : this model combines every essentials details you are looking for in a wetsuit.


Lisa 3/2 back zip

Our flasgship model for women, comfortable, easy to put on and warm.

A feminine wetsuit designed with a high-waisted mesh neoprene waistband and a blue top with burgundy shoulders and arms.

With its cinched waist and its "v-neck" line, the Lisa’s design takes its inspiration from the bustier jumpsuit discreet elegance.

Warm and flex limestone superstretch neoprene.

waterproof seams (GBS + inside tape) and thermal & quick dry lining from the waist up (except arms and shoulders in order to provide flexibility and mobility for paddling).

The Lisa wetsuit has a back zip flap and an inside dorsal backwash pannel. Easy to slip into and designed for an increased chest comfort, as well as to be fully waterproof.

Ideal for any watersports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand up paddling, wakeboarding, or sailing.


All of our wetsuits are designed to be polyvalent, widely tested and approved for any watersport discipline.

They are all made of limestone based neoprene.

Do you want to know more about the Yamamoto neoprene ? → read the blog article

Do you want to know more about the difference between a chest zip and a back zip ? → read the blog article

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