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Spring is here, with warmer temperatures and longer days on the horizon. Even if it's not a foregone conclusion, it's almost time to put away your chapka, gloves and slippers.

At this time of year, a full wetsuit in 3/2 mm neoprene is often the best choice, allowing you to make the transition to summer.

This is the essential layer in a surfer's wardrobe because it allows you to ride in spring, autumn and even summer, depending on the region.

The 3/2 mm wetsuit is suitable for water temperatures of 15 to 23°.

The thickness of 3mm on the torso and 2mm on the arms is very comfortable because it's easy to put on, while maintaining good mobility. Whether you're surfing, kitesurfing, wingoiling, windsurfing, swimming or even lunging, this is the wetsuit to have!

But there are plenty of choices and options among these famous mid-season suits, and here we'll help you decipher the Saint Jacques range so you can choose the model that's right for you.



As a reminder, here are the important criteria to identify on a wetsuit: the quality of the neoprene, the type of seams, the tapering of the seams, the inner lining and the finish.


Stan 3/2 Yamamoto neoprene - Chest zip

This is the most technical, top-of-the-range model for men. It's ultra-comfortable, lightweight, warm and durable.


Yamamoto's exclusive closed-cell manufacturing process results in a neoprene that is highly durable while remaining stretchable. This neoprene absorbs only 2% of its weight in water (98% waterproof compared with 70% for petroleum-based neoprene), so it remains lightweight. Your wetsuit acts like a second skin, giving you excellent range of movement.

The hydrophobic properties of Yamamoto neoprene keep you warm.

It is also reputed to cause fewer allergies than conventional neoprenes, and is gentler on the skin.

A resolutely unique and elegant look with its sailor motif. Using the deep sublimation process, the durable print on the motifs will not suffer premature wear, especially in areas of intense friction when surfing, kitesurfing, paddling or sailing.

The taped seams and lining keep you warm and allow you to keep on going, thanks to the quick-drying properties. The exclusive ankle finish, with tubular compression and water drainage at the ankles, allows water to drain efficiently without the need for Velcro.

The pattern offers a natural, comfortable fit, a second skin that's easy to put on!


Lisa 3/2 Yamamoto neoprene - Chest zip

This wetsuit has all the characteristics of the Yamamoto neoprene described above: warmth, flexibility, hydrophobicity, lightness...

Every detail has been taken care of on this wetsuit to accompany the best neoprene in the world, in all your sporting activities.

The lisa Yamamoto is the must-have for women looking for performance during their wave, wind or swim sessions. The technique of this wetsuit comes with a resolutely harmonious look: intense burgundy and a shell print that will shape your waist.

Discover THE top-of-the-range wetsuit to have as a waterwomen.


Clovis 3/2 back zip

For all the fans of 'easy' donning with your hand behind your back, the 80s/90s retros or the tough guys who have trouble with the Front Zip, here's THE solution: the integral 'Clovis' Back Zip.

With its sober blue look and wrist print, this robust, technical model is perfect for all body types.

Made from supertstrech limestone neoprene, with a flash wave thermal lining from the neck to the knees, GBS stitched bonded construction, YKK fastening and hyper-flex knee reinforcements, there are no compromises here.


Lisa 3/2 back zip

A fullsuit women's with high waistband trousers in neoprene mesh and a blue top with burgundy shoulders and arms.

Openly inspired by the understated elegance of strapless trousers, with its demarcation above the bust and mini 'V'.

Soft, warm neoprene with a super-stretch limestone base.

Made from glued/sewn seams and fully braided, the suit has an inner lining over the entire body above the waist (except for the arms and shoulders, to make rowing and action movements easier).

It has a back zip with flap and an inner back panel (Back Wash) to keep the bust area clear.

This system offers the triple advantage of easy donning, greater comfort for the chest and the guarantee of a totally hermetic wetsuit.


All our wetsuits are developed to be versatile, tested and approved for every sporting discipline!

Want to know more about the difference between a chest zip and a back zip → read the blog post


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