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WATERMAN SUP Laurent Maurer

The Saint Jacques family is made of passionate watermen for whom performance and style do not suffer from antagonism.
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Introduce yourself: Age, where did you grow, homespot ?

Hello, my name is laurent maurer, I'm 44 years old, I live in Canet Plage near Perpignan

How did you discover paddle sup and what did you like ?

I discovered the sup in 2009 with a friend Marc Saint cyprien, I immediately hooked with the vision of the marine element that offers standing on a board: the funds, the coast, nature ... In 2011, I did my first race on the rhône in Lyon sup breed, I caught the virus and it became my way of life.


Can you tell us a little more about this discipline ? It looks ultra technical and physical ? Is it a confidential sport ? Do you need specific conditions like flat water ? The rider at the top right now ? It's the same material as in wave or slalom ? What material do you use ?

The sup race is a discipline that is similar to an endurance sport because it is long distances but it has phases of gliding and surfing including Beach race (course in waves, turns to buoys) and downwind ( wind in the back or we chained the surf), there it takes a fun dimension and the side surf and balance takes

the top on the pure and hard paddle technique that must be kept on the flat races. All types of races are interesting because it requires to be complete to get results. Training sessions at sea are always a treat!

My preference is ocean racing and the course in the waves.

It is a demanding sport where you have to train constantly to improve endurance, muscle building, balance and rowing technique, which makes it all the more interesting.

In race, we use large boards 12.6 feet or 14 feet in wave sup sup are smaller, more manageable. Redwood Paddle provides me with top boards for my race and wave races. I use a 12.6 race and an 8.4 in the waves.


Is it hard to travel with Paddle Sup materials ?

To travel the top is the inflatable boards: a bag and a pump and voila!

At what point did you know that this passion will become more than a hobbie ? What are the different tours and competitions ? Do you have a track record ? Which riders have influenced or influenced you ?

I immediately saw the benefits of the daily sup on a physical level and the pleasure on the water was only increasing during training, I understood that the sup would become more than a hobbie.

There is a national circuit and a championship of France (3 participations for me and a top 5 in Beach race in my age category), a European tour (euro tour) and a world circuit (Paddle League). I made podiums on French, regional and international races like the sup breed cup of holy maxim.

Riders like Danny Ching and Titouan PuyO influenced me a lot because they integrate a lot of canoe into their preparation in sup race.


What is a typical day for you ? How do you organize your work and your passion ? What is your favorite spot ? The spot do you dream ? The spot that haunts your nights ?

A typical day for me is a day that starts at dawn with a big rowing output in sup breed or canoe if there are no waves or longboard, sup surf or surf if conditions permit, I try to alternate every other day with running or swimming at sea or swimming pool, a good day is a day where you have

chained several discipline. This requires a healthy lifestyle at the top, organize at best between work, sport and family, go to bed early and get up very early, there is no more magical moment than dawn on the water !

My favorite home spot: the bay of paullilles and the rocky coast, row on this site is great, I dream of going to Hawaii and Tahiti ...

Where do you find inspiration when you run out of energy or when you do not feel good ? Do you often hurt yourself ? What inspires you ?

Nature, water, silence, lights and energy of the morning have a spiritual side and fill me with energy for the day, even when I'm tired or force-fed, an outing at sea gives me back the smile! In winter I do three months of cross training and sheathing every morning and I avoid injuries.


Your future projects ?

My future projects: on the sporting level, continue to fight on the races with the friends because the spirit on the races of sup race is top, to improve my technique of oar, to make me big crossing in canoe and to travel ... ..

You are also followers of surfing rowing. It is also a passion or a complement to your activity ? Shortboard or longboard ? What other sports do you practice ? Which sports would you like to do that you do not practice ? What does the SUPers of the kiters think ? 🙂

Since 2 years, I discovered the canoe (OC1), it is a very good complement to the sup race, the rowing technique is finer and the glide is incredible, I do more and more longboard, the surf was my first passion is a support so fun!

In addition to swimming in open water, swimming pool, crossfit, running, Trail, advocates, all these sports are complementary!

Choose a surfer, an artist and a musician who inspires you and tell us why ?

Surfer that inspires me: Donovan Frankenreiter for his approach to life: surfing and music


What does riding mean for you ?

Representing Saint Jacques wetsuits is an honor, I love the image conveyed by the brand ...

What is the play Saint Jacques Wetsuits that you could not do without ?

All parts are irreplaceable. Every season, every condition, there is the appropriate room.

Victor or Stan?


Where to follow you on social networks ?



Your playlist of the moment ?

Playlist: last Arctic monkeys, incubus, ray lamontagne, the pharcyde, the black keys, a tribe called quest, q tip, nirvana ....