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We act for the ocean !

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the association Ocean Co. and join an organisation that aims to combat plastic pollution in the ocean.

Our shared mission: to collect the equivalent of 7 billion plastic bottles by 2025, which would otherwise end up in the ocean.

As the first French brand
to join the Ocean Co programme, we're determined to take action! 

The impact of plastic on our oceans

Did you know that every day, 2 million kilograms of plastic are dumped into our oceans? That's the equivalent of one bin lorry a minute. If we don't take action, by 2050 the amount of plastic in our oceans will outweigh the number of fish living there.

Plastic poses real dangers to our planet and its ecosystem. Plastic pollution threatens marine fauna, impacts the food chain, creates chemical pollution and slowly degrades the marine environment... The ocean is our playground and it is our responsibility to protect it.


collecte plastique saint jacques wetsuits ocean co


Ocean Co's action 

Ocean Co aims to build a community of individuals and organisations fighting ocean pollution and supporting local communities in coastal areas where plastic pollution is most critical.

Since their inception, they have collected over 8 million kilograms of plastic from the oceans, providing much-needed support to over 8,700 coastal communities.

In partnership with Ocean Co, we are committed to tackling plastic pollution in the ocean through our BIO II range of wetsuits.

For every BIO II wetsuit we sell, we have pledged to collect 3kg of plastic released into the ocean, which is the equivalent of preventing 264 plastic bottles from reaching the ocean!

recolte plastique saint jacques wetsuits ocean co


The plastic is collected by the inhabitants of these coastal communities, for example in the Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, India and Indonesia. This plastic will then be recycled, upcycled or used for co-processing (to replace fossil fuels or raw materials in the manufacture of cement, either as a fuel or as a material).


 Once collected, the plastic is exchanged for cash or credits to fund school fees, electronic equipment, healthcare and micro-credits. This infrastructure is made possible with the help of partners Plastic Bank, Plastics for Change and rePurpose Global, who are setting up collection centres and guaranteeing the validity of transactions through technological traceability solutions. 

How you can help ? 

1. Choose your suit from our BIO II range, made from recycled materials.


2. Place your order

3. Congratulations, you've helped to collect 264 plastic bottles that won't end up in our oceans and you're contributing to the economy of local communities.

Help us keep our oceans clean and protect them from plastic pollution!

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