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Our tips to choose your right neoprene outfit

Summer  is here! Longer days, temperatures are getting milder, everything is joined together for a new season of great sessions. Bring on the afterwork sessions with amazing sunsets!

Your gear is 80% OK even if you know that you will inevitably miss something. Bare in mind that if you have wax, spare fins, tape and Solarez, you'll be fine.
Let's focus on the right neoprene outfit to choose for your next sessions.
First important point, neoprene is a great way to protect your fetish equipment!

Not negligible asset, put it on the nose or tail of the board, or in between 2 boards to avoid waxing the deck of the second. Yes, we know that it's always better to clean your board before travelling but sometimes things doesn't go as planned.


Choosing the right neoprene outfit: keep yourself warm

In Summer, temperatures are getting milder, puting on a wetsuit to protect ourselves from wind and chilly mornings. For each season, everyone has its own riding outfits preferences.

The most skittish ones will prefer our Clovis Back Zip with long sleeves, whereas others would pick the short sleeves design. That being said, we're only talking to the back zip lovers here. If you are more of a Front Zip adept, you will find your best partner in the Stan 3/2mm in Yamamoto neoprene. Its marine look will make you stand out from the crowd on the beach.

After your session, when your body temperature is starting to go down as well as the sun, it is time to cover up in order to be able to keep enjoying the following sessions.

Here come our solutions: firstly, you can stay in your poncho after changing clothes, or if you have thought of bringing your Venturi neoprene jacket, you can use it to protect yourself effectively from wind and rain. The last one is also very handy during your breaks: just wear it over your wet wetsuits before heading back to the water!

Choosing the right neoprene suit: protect yourself from the sun

For very hot destinations, like Tahiti, Costa Rica, Caribbean, we always think that we don't need anything. Big mistake! Indeed, neoprene is not only a source of heat but it's also a great protection from sun and irritations.

Indeed, the sun can easily become your worst nightmare:
Tamarindo in January. First day, you are hungry for waves, you wake up at dusk with the jet lag. Wonderfull morning session as the sun rises, it's so good that time passes and this little offshore wind does not alert you about the condition of your back which is blistering after 3 hours under the sun. Moreover after having be gently protected under a banker's shirt for 3 months... This is when your Paulo Saint Jacques Wetsuits is entering the scene.

Then do not forget the irritation. How can all these guys surf shirtless all day long without chest and stomack pain ? Because we don't have the answer, we put a Neoprene vest-top like Théo or one with short sleeves like Marco in order to keep enjoying this trip till the end. Identical problem for Kitesurfing, the harness can easily start to create some irritations which could ruin your trip... 

Choosing the right neoprene outfit: each destination deserve its wetsuit!

There are spots where the weather is nice (especially compared to where you live), like France in August or Bali in July. I know it's not exactly the same but let me explain myself.

It's a little tricky because you're never out of a windy session, of a very cold morning where the top long sleeve Noé becomes handy. We often get suprised in places like this because we do not really expect it.

Following the same idea, think of Cap Verde in January. No wind, no worries, but as soon as it picks up (and it does often), a shorty back zip Clovis or a long-john HugoHugo are what will save your sessions.

Same for the Canary Islands, do not go windsurfing in Fuerteventura without neoprene. Water is blue as in the Caribbean but definitely not the same temperature. The shorty wetsuit Clovis with long sleeves will be exactly what you need.

With even more favorable conditions, you can also put on a lycra suit or lycra top coupled with a boardshortor your swimsuit bottom. Stay warm while protecting yourself from the strong UV rays of summer.

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