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How to choose a right neoprene wetsuit ?

The long expected moment has come, the holidays and the famous trip that you have been seeking for so long.
The tickets are booked, you have a good vision of your trip, the accommodations are managed (or not, depend on everyone's organization and desires;)) and the budget is tight but it will be ok!

The gear part is 80% OK even if you are sure that you will inevitably miss something. And then there is the famous nightmare of the breakage, but tell yourself that it is better than a board-bag that never reaches its destination ...
Overall if you have wax, spare fins, clap and the Solarez, it is already not bad.

Follow us now, let's look at the right neoprene suit to put into the luggage.
First important point, neoprene is a great way to protect your fetish equipment!

Not negligible asset, put it at the level of nose or tail of the board, or between 2 boards in order to avoid waxing the deck of the second. Yes, we know that it's always better to rewaxer before the start but honestly we did not have time, too much taff to finish.


Choosing a right neoprene suit: also protecting yourself from the sun

For very hot destinations, like Tahiti, Costa Rica, Caribbean, the first reflex is to tell yourself that you do not need anything. Big mistake! Indeed, neoprene is not only a source of heat but it protects you from sun and irritation.

And yes, you dreamed of the sun, but it can become your worst nightmare:
Tamarindo in the first day of January, you are died of hunger, you wake up at dawn with the jet lag. Wonderfully launching as the sun rises, it's so good that time passes and this little offshore wind does not alert you about the condition of your back which is blistering after 3 hours facing the sun. While he is under a banker's shirt for 3 months... This is why your Paulo Saint Jacques Wetsuits saves you.
Then do not forget the irritation. How can all these guys surf shirtless all day long without wax disassembling their stomach? We do not have the answer so we put a Neoprene longshoreman Théo who will allow us to enjoy this trip till the end. Identical problem in Kitesurfing, the harness, if it starts to make you some redness, it will be very complicated on the length.


Choose a right neoprene wetsuit: at each destination your wetsuit !

There are spots where it is a nice weather (especially compared to where you live), like France in August or Bali in July. I know it's not exactly the same but I explain myself.
It's a little tricky because you're not under cover of a windy session, of a very cold morning where the top long sleeve Noé has all its interest. We often get colder in places like this because we do not really expect it.
In the same style there is Cap Vert in January. No wind you are tranquil on top, but as soon as it gets up (and it is usually windy), a short-john Robin or a long-john Leon will save you from the sessions.
Same for the Canaries, do not go windsurfing in Fuerteventura without a minimum of neoprene. The water is blue as in the Caribbean but it is not the same temperature.

Apparently we still talk about those pleasant conditions, but if you want to stall a good surf session in the moors in November where go kiting in Dakhla in January, the right wetsuit will remain a good quality integral like the Victor 5/4 mm that the Stan 4 / 3mm

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