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It's a hot topic, again this week a group of students and a magazine contacted us about ecology. And we see a lot of articles and brands rushing into the niche.

Here is our point of view at Saint Jacques Wetsuits, which is not intended to provide a miracle solution or highlight anyone, but that may bprovide ideas to someone.

The tone is deliberately light with no filter, sorry ;)


So sorry but we will break the myth, most of modern surfers are not really ecologist.

The guy with its bike who camps on the spot, eating fruits and vegetables, I personally see him only in 80s movies.

By cons we are the first to take the car to check the spot, then the next one because it must be better, then the next because the tide has changed, then the next because the sandbar is not on, to finish elsewhere because there were too many people. Result we all drive a lot, without carpooling because we do not want to be too much at the secret spot :)

In terms of purchase it is the same with food, we all would like to eat organic but finally if it is more expensive, we will wait a little before becoming green.

And I will not talk about the environmental impact of boards, wax and other sunscreens …


Everyone has understood that neoprene is a polluting substance from petroleum and difficult to recycle, so we try to find solutions!

Yulex and a major manufacturer are trying to develop a neoprene substitute that is renewable and vegetable! Why are they the only ones? Because the finished product is more expensive and in terms of performance and especially stretch the result is not yet completely satisfactory.

Limestone neoprene comes from Limestone rock, so it is more eco-responsible. But this transformation requires a large amount of energy, so that the total carbon footprint is not necessarily better.

Most brands offer combinations from petrochemicals: in fact, this raw material is less expensive and processing processes are now proven.


So we would like to be green too, but on the other hand no way to make it a commercial argument. Sometimes greenwashing, sometimes environmental progress, it is difficult to make the difference between a product that wants to be green and a product that is actually green.

Saint Jacques do use Limestone neoprene but this is not our main axis of communication, too many questions remain unanswered.

Our vision is more general in trying to improve our overall impact rather than focusing on the composition of a material.

For us transport is one of the major problem with roffshore production facilities that require may shipments. We are working on this subject.

We offer wetsuits with high durability and it is for us the key for a real ecological approach. We must therefore think long term, by diluting the impact of our products over time.

Pics by Surfpics 

We encourage sustainable projects and action people like:

Solessa - Children against the plastic pollution of the oceans.

Armada handplanes and their resin recovery process. We talk about it soon.

Neocombine who recycles wetsuits to give them a second life 

We have also and above all implemented a concrete action to reduce the environmental impact of neoprene, the Neocycle project.


Beware of shortcuts and messages conveyed.

Consume locally (food and waves) to reduce your carbon footprint.

Prefer quality products that hold in time.

If you are sensitive to our philosophy, discover our collection here

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  • Bonjour j’ai 50 ans je suis un amoureux de la glisse j’habite Hyeres pour les vagues c’est moyen juste à la capte ou il y a de belles vagues mais dans l’ensemble c’est du clapot,j’en faisait à l’almanarre,la capte,le lavandou ,j’ai pratiqué le windsurf(appris en autodidacte)surf,kitesurf(trop extrême, trop dangereux je me suis fait trop peur ,un gros blocage ,bien que j’ai pris pour 1500€ de cours j’ai poursuivi et tétanisé complètement suite à un début de noyades impossible de larguer la sécurité)le paddle bien sûr.
    Maintenant je veux apprendre le foil avec une aile wing,soit un wingsup soit wingfoil,soit un wingsurf.
    On ma conseillé pour débuter d’acheter un moutainboard avec une wing et après passer sur un foil.
    Et vous qu’en pensez vous?
    Dois je prendre 1 ou 2 cours?
    Merci et superblog

    Mika on

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