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It is becoming more and more rare to find shapers these days, we met one of them some time ago, Christophe Grolier. Present during the FISE (international festival of extreme sports) in Montpellier with one of his riders NICOLAS LANDRÉ, who also rides for the brand Saint Jacques, we were able to exchange and learn more about his exciting activity.

PRIVATE FACTORY, a name that sounds English and yet Christophe is very French. Far from conventional industrial circuits, PRIVATE FACTORY designs and manufactures unpublished wakeboards 100% by hand in terms of shape, size and construction. The made in France in all its splendor with his own achievements and board quality out of the ordinary.

In addition to his skills, Christophe collaborates with specialized companies, which allows him to have robust materials, quality, and above all to respect the environment. Each material was chosen and worked by him for an incomparable result.

The Swiss company BCOMP Ltd provides technical support to PRIVATE FACTORY to test fabric compositions 100% flax fiber (flex and lightweight) and QX Core, linoleum / balsa ultra light and resistant.

ENTROPY RESIN EU also contributes to PRIVATE FACTORY projects with Super Sap, CLR bio-sourced resins.


The combination of these high-end materials and the long hours of testing by Christophe lead to quite amazing prototypes. Each prototype board is tested by experienced riders like Nicolas Landré for almost 3 years and Vincent Sudrat who joined the PRIVATE FACTORY family few months ago ...

Their feedback is essential to board design and improvements. Their sensations in edge taking, sliding on modules, receptions, rotations etc. ... are essential to refine each time a little more the design of their own board. Their Board? Indeed, it is the PRIVATE FACTORY concept that involves its riders in the design of their own board. Each Rider in his way of sailing, differences in size or weight ... According to each and every criteria, Christophe adapts the cores, fabrics, shape, size, in short, the real hand-stitched.

It is important to keep a know-how and passionate people. What will become of sliding sports without his people there? At Saint-Jacques wetsuits, we make a point of supporting them and collaborating with them so that these sports, which we all love, move in the right direction. We make sure to produce quality materials, unique and « avant-garde ».

Stay tuned, we will post the interview in a few days !!


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