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Wetsuit: unjustly neglected equipment

When it comes to water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing or wingfoiling, enthusiasm and the quest for performance often lead to investment in cutting-edge equipment. Wings, boards and foils attract all the attention, and kiteboarders don't hesitate to spend thousands of euros to buy the best on the market. However, one essential piece of equipment is often relegated to second place: the neoprene wetsuit.


Why is a neoprene wetsuit crucial?

Protection against the cold

Neoprene wetsuits play a fundamental role in protecting you from the elements. Cold waters can quickly become a major obstacle, making sessions uncomfortable or even dangerous. A good wetsuit insulates the body, allowing longer sessions and preventing hypothermia. At Saint Jacques Wetsuits, we offer a range of wetsuits designed to keep you warm and comfortable in all conditions.

Safety and comfort

As well as providing thermal protection, neoprene wetsuits also offer a layer of safety in the event of a fall. Neoprene's natural buoyancy helps to keep you afloat, reducing the risk of drowning. What's more, the comfort provided by a well-fitted wetsuit improves the overall experience, allowing greater freedom of movement and less friction. Saint Jacques Wetsuits are designed to fit perfectly, giving you optimum comfort.


A misplaced priority

A misunderstood investment

It's not uncommon for kiteboarders and wingfoilers to invest up to €3,000 in kitesurfing or wingfoil equipment, convinced that the performance of their main equipment is the most decisive factor in their success. However, the hesitation to spend around €300 on a quality wetsuit is often ill-founded.

The consequences of an economic choice

Opting for a cheap or unsuitable suit can quickly backfire. A poor-quality suit degrades more quickly, loses its waterproofing and thermal efficiency, and has to be replaced more frequently. In the long term, this can represent a much higher cost than buying a good model in the first place.


Choosing the right wetsuit

Selection criteria

When choosing a neoprene wetsuit, there are several criteria to bear in mind:

  • Thickness: Adapt the thickness of your wetsuit to the temperature of the water in which you are swimming.





Saint Jacques Wetsuits are designed with the finest materials and attention to detail to guarantee optimum performance and exceptional durability.

A neoprene wetsuit is much more than just an accessory in the water sports enthusiast's kit. It's an essential investment in safety, comfort and performance. Before you buy the latest fashionable kite or the board of your dreams, make sure you have a quality wetsuit so you can enjoy every session to the full, whatever the conditions.

Don't neglect this essential piece of equipment and choose quality for optimum, safe riding.

Discover our full range of wetsuits and equip yourself to face the elements with style and efficiency.


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